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24-06-2015, 09:29 | Michael We.

DEISON mit italienischer Kooperation

DEISON startet mit einer Kooperation auf FINAL MUZIK, hier die Labelinfos:

DEISON & UGGERI "In The Other House" LP (Final Muzik, Fmv 05) OUT NOW!
Final Muzik label presents a new limited edition release: it's a collaboration work by our label's backbone DEISON and Italian musician MATTEO UGGERI. It has been co-released with Old Bicycle Records and Oak editions + the artists (through their own labels Loud! and Grey Sparkle). "It was not born as a concept album, but as it was slowly becoming like the music inside it the sound work of Cristiano Deison and Matteo Uggeri ended up finding itself, step by step, enclosed between the narrow walls of an exceptional home. Arriving there from different places and positions, and never actually meeting, Friulian and Milan found themselves, perhaps in spite of themselves, together in uncomfortable rooms which were populated by dark invisible presences. It is not the scenario of a horror movie, there is no tragedy or fear, just the knowledge that somewhere else or the escape itself may be less reassuring than one has hoped. Therefore Francesca Mele's photos, both a seal of the work and source of inspiration for the music seem to further cloak the place in that sense of quiet desperation that daily life often implies."
Limited edition of 300 copies. You can order it through Final Muzik mail order on Discogs: www.discogs.com/seller/Final-Muzik or write to finalmuzik@libero.it (price €15,00 + postage). Also available from Loud! (and distributed by Final Muzik) FEW copies of the limited to 100 high quality CDr version (price: € 10,00 + postage).

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