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14-06-2015, 12:29 | Michael We.

IN GOWAN RING-Album auf Herbst verschoben

Das neue, für Frühling angekündigte Album von IN GOWAN RING verschiebt sich auf Herbst, wie B'EE in seinem aktuellen Newsletter schreibt:

"Seasons have come and gone with The Work slowly boiling through its several stages;  and now, not so so far off, we come to that stage of completion.  

As can happen in life and certain projects therein, the objects in connection with my own endeavors of the last several seasons have taken longer to fulfill and required more in the way of attention, exertion and resources than anticipated.  Yet somehow in this course, The Work intended has come to garner a more lustrous hue and fundamental aspect:  What had been perhaps a lovely flower has blossomed into some breed of magnificent tree. 

And so, we are pleased finally to announce 'The Serpent and the Dove', as In Gowan Ring’s fifth full length album; unveiled to the world through Les Disques du 7ème Ciel this coming Autumn Equinox (23rd September, 2015)."

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