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21-11-2014, 16:06 | Michael We.

REUTOFF mit Kassette auf SEA STATE!

Nach einer längeren Ruhepause folgen neue Veröffentlichungen auf SEA STATE (ehemals SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG). Hier die Infos:

Reutoff: "No one's Lullabies"
MC + download code, 80 copies/download via bandcamp.com

east3 is here: We hug Reutoff from Russia! for Sea State they come out with rhythmic Lullabies to highlight what dreams may wait inside the hollows of a human mind. or maybe they just wanting our legs to take over. in case you want to try the last-mentioned, the bouncy "Ice in my Liver" is recommend. but be sure you're shaved off properly before dancing, it's a delicate track right from the Red Room. the hymnic opener "Slumber Song" speaks of a dystopian design, we expect a mostly uneasy sleep. in the end the song turns more and more into something cleansed, the tunes get thinner, get separated, revealing another level of perception. the b-side hits with two more nocturnal statements. while "Edge of Oblivion" is a kind of noisy slow motion stomper, the clockwork-like "Dead Templar's Groove Manuscript" reminds us of the placid beauty of Brendan Perry's solo works. remaining a final question: who is "No one"? a persona non grata, a classified subject? or no one, nobody? as you know; the question is also the answer. a further profound work is the package made by Mogul Nudge. the heavy cardboard slipcase is re-covered with the sheets of a book (about nursery) from the beginning of the 20th century. as you may have presumed there are some stamped marks and a sealing sticker on top of it all.


MC + download code: 13,-euro
download via bandcamp.com: 9,-eur


E-Musikgruppe LuxOhr "Der Planet der Melancholie"
MC + download code, 80 copies/download via bandcamp.com

E-Musikgruppe LuxOhr - once we saw them playing live in Turku/Finland. They were awesome! we wanted them to do a release on SÜE and we never lost their trace. and now we only say one word: PARTY! it's done and we're happy with the result. Pertti Grönholm, Kimi Kärki, Jaakko Penttinen and Ismo Virta gave their band a german name as a bow to bands like Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze, Can and Kraftwerk. the list of the synthesizers, drum-machines, guitars, sequencers and samplers they use is as long as the finish winter. and what they do with the listed equipment is playing, creating, is timeless space music. the six tracks of "Der Planet der Melancholie" are part of the early sessions for "Kometenbahn" recorded in 2011/2012. close the door, disable the doorbell and the mobile, disconnect the phone, shut down the computer. turn on your stereo - a auto reverse tape deck would be the optimum solution. and then let the sound of traveling asteroids, drifting radiation, rotating gas and breathing galaxies occupy your room. as welcome guests. all you have to do is listen. and to be thankful to be a part of the universe.

the heavy cardboard slipcase is exclusively designed and made by Mogul Nudge for SEA STATE.


MC + download code: 13,-euro
download via bandcamp.com: 9,-eur

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