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12-11-2014, 09:39 | Michael We.

BABYLON WITCH mit weiterem Album auf TUT/RUR

Die von uns auf NONPOP schon vorgestellten MODERN WITCH bringen ein zweites, ein Schwesteralbum heraus. Und zwar erneut auf TREUE UM TREUE / REUE UM REUE. Hier die Infos mit Link zu Hörbeispielen:

“Babylon” is the twin-LP to last year’s “Hollywood”, the second and last part of the MODERN WITCH retrospective on TuT/RuR.
The story of MODERN WITCH began 7 years ago in Denver, Colorado, when graphic artist Mario Zoots, singer Kristy Fenton and house veteran Kamran Khan started recording experimental music together on an old VHS camera. In the space of a few years, a couple of very limited tape and CD/R releases on labels such as Disaro and Clan Destine Records, and a series of spooky performances both in Europe and on the American continent, the trio has become a true underground reference for creepy, ritualistic dance music, in the muddy but oh so fascinating waters between Witchhouse and Minimal Synth. Drunk on 80s cold wave, bathed in suburbian occult decadence and haunted by dead celebrities, “Hollywood” and “Babylon” are a feast of thaumaturgic synth lines, nonchalant but captivating mpc 1000 – sequences, drugged-out spoken words and ghostly voices. American Angst or Minimal Doom electronics at their best!

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