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06-09-2014, 21:11 | Michael We.

Radio Sessions & Rarities von PAUL ROLAND

PAUL ROLAND veröffentlich im Oktober ein Album mit Radio Sessions und unveröffentlichten, seltenen Versionen und Aufnahmen. Hier die aktuellen Infos von heute:


‘Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox’ of new radio sessions, rarities and unreleased tracks is finally now out after being postponed due to the release earlier this year of the new album ‘Hexen’. I don’t normally sing my own praises, but I must say I’m very, very pleased with this album. It includes 10 tracks recorded live in the studio with a new band that I had put together for a special charity event organised by Stephen Fry. The band featured a talented violinist and also psych guitarist Mick Crossley whose wig out guitar sounds and backing vocals give the songs a very different sound from the original versions. Plus there are some really tasty out-takes and alternate versions featuring backing vocals by Baltimore’s Clockwork Dolls as well as two tracks featuring Geoffrey Richardson, the violinist with Canterbury rock legends Caravan, a steaming re-recording of Marc Bolan’s unreleased song ‘Meadows of the Sea’ and a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Day of the Lords’ that I was asked to record for a JY tribute album a few years ago.

Visit Sireena Records website for more details. We may have a limited quantity for PRAS members later this month, but if you can’t wait Sireena have them available now.

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