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27-01-2014, 10:08 | Michael We.

UNION FINALE mit neuen Veröffentlichungen

Das Label von MENACE RUINE, UNION FINALE, präsentiert eine neue Veröffentlichung. Hier die aktuelle Info:

Artists: Sorc'henn & L'Acéphale
Title: Will Of The Abyss
Catalog no: UNI05
Release date: February 20, 2014
Format: Cassette (Ed. of 100) / Digital

About Sorc'henn & L'Acéphale: Laurent Boulouard and Set Sothis Nox La started working together in 2007 through their mutual friend Bruno, proprietor of Faunasabbatha Records. Recognizing a passion for similar sounds, culture and art; collaborations were discussed and sonic tapestries were woven. The first manifestation materialized on Sorc’henn’s 2007 release Faro: Death of the Island Sheeps (which also featured contributions by Jason Hovatter: Minority of One and Waldteufel of which Set Sothis is a member). The rest of the collaborations have remained in vaults, locked away, awaiting the proper time for stars to align.

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