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12-12-2013, 20:36 | Michael We.

BABY DEE und LITTLE ANNIE mit Konzert am 24.12.

BABY DEE und LITTLE ANNIE treten am Weihnachtsabend gemeinsam in New York auf. Das hat BABY DEE heute angekündigt. So steht es in ihrer Mail:

Little Annie and Baby Dee at Joe's Pub on Christmas Eve

Join us for an evening of depressive snowmen, disgruntled reindeer, incontinent Santas, washed up hermaphrodites and yuletide sobstresses. Make sure to tell them about all the wonderful Christmas songs that I'll sing with the institutionalized snowmen and the embittered reindeer and the beleaguered Santa Clauses that suck on grimy candy canes as they drag their sorry old asses through the drab suburbs of unfriendly cities. And tell them about the night when Satan Himself came to the Christmas party on Gansevoort Street and about the three hundred pound Baby Jesus with the world biggest diaper at the Pyramid Club. And tell them about St Joe's and the christmas crackheads and about how Annie and I got to meet Jesus in the flesh in Detroit. And tell them We're hoping to have a brand new bright shiny dirge to sing that'll have everybody weeping like a herd of orphaned Bambi's.

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