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09-12-2013, 21:39 | Michael We.

Film mit IN GOWAN RING-Musik nun untertitelt

"The Fairy Trail", ein im Juni 2013 erschienener Film über Naturgeister mit Musik von IN GOWAN RING, erscheint nun auch in einer internationalen Version. Der Film von deutschen Regisseuren wurde mit englischen Untertiteln versehen. Hier die Mitteilung von B'EE (IN GOWAN RING):

Ahoy Friends!
We hope your transition into winter is going as smooth as possible.
Here in Leipzig finally things begin to settle and hopefully within a short space of time we'll have a working area sorted for new creations…  Many thanks to all who have made the transition out of Transience possible!
The Fairy Trail Documentary Film featuring the music of In Gowan Ring & Birch Book has finally been made available with English subtitles and we're offering it to you now  (PAL Region Free code “0” DVD)
We're very happy to be a part of this important film and hope you have the opportunity to see it.  There will be more screenings (possibly with In Gowan Ring performances!)  in the coming year in Europe and USA.

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