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31-10-2013, 15:47 | Michael We.

Die Neuigkeiten auf VINYL ON DEMAND

VINYL ON DEMAND bietet nach längerer Zeit wieder Neuigkeiten:

VOD117: Lustmord „Things that Were“ 1980-83 3LP (for members with T-Shirt)
VOD118: Frohmader Nekropolis 81 Vol.1-4 2Lp (for members in Box w. T-Shirt)
VOD119: Hafler Trio a cure for kenophobia... - Recordings 87-99 4Lp
VOD120: V/A Rising from the Red Sand Vol.1-5 5Lp
VOD40 Asmus Tietchens „4K7“ 4Lp (lmtd 200 reissue)
Members/Subscribers to VOD can deduct 10% on any of the items listed in this newsletter (Non-EU-Citizens even the 19%Tax) 
VOD117: LUSTMORD „Things that Were“ 3Lp-Set w. Insert      54,99 €
This 3LP Box-Set presented by the godfather of the genre of Dark Ambient/Industrial, B. Lustmord, putting into its focus the very early works recorded between 1980-83 including previously unreleased material and the very first Lustmord recording of all, in it's primitive glory.
Lustmord's intense and aggressive Live Performances in the early 80’s had been recognized by other Industrial Bands like Throbbing Gristle and SPK, the latter leading to a cooperation with Graeme Revell for many years including being a member of SPK and taking over their label Side Effects.
His outstanding skills as an artist and sound designer extended into several further collaborations with artists as such as Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Chris & Cosey, Robert Rich John Balance (Coil), Melvins and Tool, and since the early 90’s gams, television and over forty Hollywood movies like The Crow and Underworld.
LP1 is a remastered version of Lustmord's first and very sought after LP release on Nocturnal Emissions' Sterile Records. 
LP2 delivers en early version of a track from the first LP plus intense live recordings from 1981. 
LP3 provides several unreleased recordings from 1980-83, including one with John Balance, plus compilation tracks from various Cassette Culture labels of that period including Third Mind's "Rising from the Red Sand". VOD-Members receive a Shirt to the Box
VOD118: FROMADER Nekropolis 81 Vol.1-4 2Lp 25,99 € Box w.Shirt 43,99 €
Peter Frohmader alias Nekropolis is a german artist known for his distinct and very dark athmospheric electronic compositions as well as his extreme visual art-projects leading to many exhibitions, films, multi.media-events and collaborations in the field of art and music (incl. H.R. Giger, Chris Karrer...) In 1981 at age of 23 Peter released his first Lp „Musik aus dem Schattenreich“ on his own label „Nekropolis“. At same time he produced a series of 4 Tapes called Nekropolis 81 Vol.1-4 which can be found on his comprehensive 2Lp-Release Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Peter released many of his works on labels like Multimoood, Hasch Platten, Auricle, Cuneiform Records, Atonal Records or contributed to Cassette-Culture Labels like Inkeys, Dark Star, Necronomicon while also still releasing works on his own Label Nekropolis. For members this release is delivered as Box-Set with Shirt and special extra Print/Poster. A very few Boxes are also for wholesale / regular Sale
VOD119: HAFLER TRIO a cure for kenophobia-an empowerment in 4 easy stages at very reasonable rates; recordings 87-99 4Lp Set  64,99 €
This very special Box-Release with Booklet and containing almost 4 hours of Hafler Trio Archive Recordings recorded between 1987 and 1999 gives a great opportunity to dig into the Universe of Music-Mastermind, Multi-talent and concept-art genious Andrew Mc Kenzie incl. his electronic/drone/ambient/music concrete-like music-output as Hafler Trio / H3O of which none has officially released on Vinyl or CD up to this point. In 2012 Frank of VOD went through a whole pallet of Tapes, DAT’s & Reels with Hafler Trio Archive-Recordings; some released but many still  previously unreleased. Frank of VOD digitalized several of his favorites and Andrew choose the final recordings to be selected for this release and also made this very beautiful conceptual design for the Box. This is the ultimate Hafler Trio Experience for the Die-Hard Fans as well as new open-minded listeners not aware with Andrew Mc Kenzies works      
The 4 Lp’s  contain the following audio:                                     
Lp1: the hafler trio play the hafler trio play the hafler trio by the hafler trio               
Lp2: i love children but i couldn’t eat a whole one                             
Lp3: regicide, fratricide & feneration for dummies                                 
Lp4: the generosity of the body with explicit diagrams
VOD120: V/A RISING FROM THE RED SAND VOL.1-5 5Lp Set        79,99 €
‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was one the most comprehensive compilations of early 80’s industrial, wave and underground music, spanning a total of five cassettes, compiled by Gary Levermore for his own Third Mind Records label (which has also recently been revived). 
The original five tapes are now released as a 5xLP set, following several months of tracking down as many artists as possible to obtain their permission to reissue their material. Almost all were found, although nine tracks are missing from this box. ‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was both a precursor to can can be seen along the lines of the two later double LP’s 'Elephant Table Album' and 'Three Minute Symphony', but due to the vastness of the project offers a more complete insight into the musical underground of the early-mid 80’s period.
‘Rising From The Red Sand’ includes the likes of Chris & Cosey, Nurse With Wound, Die Tödliche Doris, Test Dept, Attrition, Colin Potter, Muslimgauze, Ian Boddy, We Be Echo, Konstruktivists, Portion Control, Metamorphosis, Bene Gesserit, Legendary Pink Dots, P16.D4, Nocturnal Emissions, Human Flesh, Bushido, Smegma, Ptose, Kopf Kurz, Merzbow, Tone Death, Pseudo Code, Conrad Schnitzler, Cultural Amnesia, John Hurst, Section 25, Fan Tan,  Un Departement, Scram Ju Ju, Five Or Six, Sylvie & Babs, James Braddell, Onnyk, Nexda, Hula, Dave Knight, Irsol.
Liner notes are written by Frans de Waard (of the Korm Plastics label and Vital Weekly), and he writes: "'Rising From The Red Sand', which I still regard as the best compilation of industrial music from that time - a five hour Encyclopedia Industrialis"   
VOD40: Asmus Tietchens „4K7“ 4Lp (lmtd 200 reissue, white vinyl) 59,99 €
This 4lp-Box includes his first 4 tape-works from the late 70's. Released between 1981 and 1983 on the british YHR-Tapes-label (Yorkhouserecords) as well as american Aeon-Tapes, all 4 Tapes were issued in appr. 50 copies each. The Tapes were called „Musik an der Grenze" „Musik im Schatten" „Musik unter Tage" and „Musik aus der Grauzone".
The lmtd 200-edition contains the bonus 7inch for members from the 2007-edition.
Tietchens is a German electronic musician who has pursued "absolute music" through an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises. With strong ties to Karlheinz Stockhausen's early electronic work, Tietchens specializes in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions that are suspended in gray drones to create cold textural voids from external references. (Info from www.discogs)

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