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10-09-2013, 08:51 | Michael We.

3x neu auf CYCLIC LAW!

TAPHEPHOBIA "Escape From The Mundane Self" CD (61st Cycle)
Sixth release (and the first for Cyclic Law) of the Norwegian drone ambient project Taphephobia created by Ketil S (also of Mulm and ex-Northaunt.) As emphasized by its title, this record is intented to take one away from the mundane everyday world, it is not a concept album, rather an album where both the music and the titles are open for interpretation. The soudscapes lead to an inner experience where you can discover your own hidden voices and your own secret world of colours. An inner journey which stretches the imagination from terrifying seastorms to idyllic moments of wintery landscapes.
Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digi sleeve. 11 Tracks. Running Time 53:00
VORTEX "Kali Yuga" CD (60th Cycle)
3rd full lenght album from Germany's Vortex. "During a long trip to India some years ago the idea grew to compose a whole album focusing on the darkest of the ages in Hindu mythology, the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. I instinctively felt that this would serve as a great metaphor for current crisis in the world, a time of corruption, decline and war. This concept also allowed me to dive even deeper into shamanistic ritual sounds than before and to create a multi-layered and transcultural musical metaphor. This album is more achaic, drum driven and spiritual than all things I created earlier. And I was happy enough to collaborate with talented people for this monumental effort, especially German ambient artist M. M. Ra. as well as the ambitious artcore-guitarist Patrick Kilian of the German post-punk-band Rome Asleep. ‘Kali Yuga’, a work in progress for three years, aims to go beyond the boundaries of apocalyptic ambience and may be seen as modern aural shamanism." Marcus S.
Edition of 600 copies in 4 panel digi sleeve. 11 Tracks. Running Time 52:00
THE FLOATING WORLD "The Wood Beyond The World" CD (2nd Eclipse)
The Japanese term ‘ukiyo,’ translated as ‘the floating world,’ was used to describe the pleasure seeking urban culture of Edo Japan. When alternately rendered as ‘sorrowful world’ the term took on Buddhist connotations, indicating the transitory nature of human experience, the ephemerality of existence. These two seemingly opposed yet sympathetic concepts have always heavily informed the music of The Floating World and each album has been created with these as central themes. Named for a novel by William Morris, The Wood Beyond the World is The Floating World’s latest album and an attempt to capture the journey from the mundane to the illusory made by the novel’s protagonist – a journey that reflects the hunt for the temporal and intangible the band’s name intimates. With the addition of Neddal Ayad (guitar; Desolation Singers/Great Attractor) and Grey Malkin (drones, bells, piano; The Hare and the Moon), as full members who have brought additional nuance to the music, this ambition is more fully realized. Amanda’s delicate, melancholy flute parts now weave in and out of Neddal’s hazy guitar and Grey’s eerie and dissonant accompaniments – the whole underpinned by various rough field recordings used to compliment and counterpoint the music. Roy Felps (Korperschwache) also guests on the album, adding drifting acoustic guitar to a song. Amanda has also collaborated with Lacus Somniorum, New Risen Throne, Far Black Furlong, Dodson and Fog, The Joy of Nature and The Hare and the Moon. She and Neddal have another band together, Secrets to the Sea, as well. Released as part of our Eclipse Series.
Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel digi sleeve. 8 Tracks. Running Time 54:00

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