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01-08-2013, 20:11 | Michael We.

Neues Album von CURRENT 93 in 2014

Zusammen mit der Veröffentlichung aller Lyrics von DAVID TIBET / CURRENT 93 als Buch, finanziert per Vorkasse der Fans, hat DAVID TIBET auch ein neues Album angekündigt. Hier der Wortlaut von heute:

Once more, I thank all of those who paid, so long ago, for their extraordinary and generous patience in waiting for the long-delayed book of my collected lyrics. This will be launched on 8 February 2014, along with the new album by Current 93, at a concert in London.

I am aware that I have promised the publication of this book many times before. Yet I kept finding more old material, especially whilst going through my archive prior to its sale to the university (see below), with Johan Kugelberg and Gabriel McKee of Boo-Hooray, and writing more new material. Now that the new album by C93 is almost finished, I have decided to add its text, too, to the volume. And, due to the great importance to me of both this book and my new album, I wanted to release both simultaneously with a special concert in which C93 will also offer up our new album. Both the book and the album will be available to buy for the first time at the London concert, although those who have ordered the book previously will have their copies sent out before the concert. The edition of the book that people had pre-ordered and paid for all those years ago will also differ slightly to the edition that will be re-added to the shop.

The recent delays in publishing the lyric book have been due partially—though not entirely—to the difficulties I have undergone related in the section above, and partially due to the difficulties of finding a date on which the involved members of C93 will be available both to rehearse and appear on stage. And after that, finding a venue that moves us.

This has now all been done, thanks to my friends, and booking agents, Mark Slater and Chiz Williams at QuJunktions. We have reserved the venue we specifically wanted, and those I have prayed to appear as C93 are on the ARC. The title of the album, more details about it, and information about the venue at which we will appear, will be announced imminently.

Many people have written to me asking if Sing Omega will be available from CopticCat.com. It will, and it will be added to the shop nearer its publication date. As always, anyone who no longer wishes to wait can receive an immediate refund by requesting one.

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