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13-03-2013, 21:22 | Michael We.


EMME YA mit einem Vollzeitalbum auf COLD SPRING! Der kolumbinanische Drone-Musiker hat auf der jüngst von uns besprochenen Compilation von DRONE RECORDS einen Song beigesteuert und findet sich auch auf unserem aktuellen Download-Sampler wieder. Hier der Newstext des Labels...

EMME YA - 'Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)' CD (Cold Spring CSR175CD) - £8
 “Chthonic Transmission” is Emme Ya's 2nd full-length album for Cold Spring. Ritual Dark Ambient with esoteric vocals and an archaic magickal energy. “The album itself is an Alchemical process, in which I am descending and ascending, in a series of ritual visualisations under the veil of daath, being all such 6 stages of personal spheres of transmutative inner magickal paradigms, which are just part of the development of my own personalities, sexual feminine energies evoked and transmuted, with the sole purpose to transcend this existential reality in which I am submerged. Trying to explore in the sea of nothingness, searching my own inner light of self-creative power. Transforming, mutating, developing. Once again and again in a giant cosmic ouroborus... entering my parallel worlds eternally” (Emme Ya).

53:17. Track Listing:
1. The Vortex Ov Primigenian Sun
2. Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)
3. The Light That Is Not (Consecration Rite)
4. Reversed Kundalini (Transmutation Rite)
5. Descending To Astral Void (Solve Et Coagula)
6. Emerging From The Grey Egg (Encircled In A Thousand Lanterns)

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