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14-05-2003, 17:22 | Archivar

BDN+WHITEHOUSE - Live in Rostock

As an option for Germans, you might also enjoy the coast of the Baltic Sea and visit Rostock for...

Autor: Michael Hirschfeld

> Saturday, May 17th
> MS Stubnitz, Rostock (Germany)

> 22:00 Uhr

> www.whitebrightdeath.de
> www.stubnitz.com

> Records and CD's sold by Ars Macabre

BDN will this night be featuring Lina B Doll in high heels!
+ COLD MEAT will sell CDs!
+ 2 different BDN t-shirts will be available. Only at this show if they
sell out.
And also right in time!!! the split 12" of BDN/Coph Nia "Nunsploitation".

So shave your legs, put on your best dress and BE THERE!!!

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