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17-12-2012, 16:22 | Michael We.

DBPIT und XXENA mit 30 Online-Tracks!

Wie viele andere Projekte auch bieten DBPIT (DER BEKANNTE POSTINDUSTRIELLE TROMPETER) und XXENA vor Weihnachten ein Special an, und zwar 30 'Online only'-Tracks zum Runterladen. Hier die kurze Mitteilung der beiden:

the perfect XXX-Mas gift, "OFFLINE" is a collection of previously online-only tracks by DBPIT and XxeNa!
ultra-limited to 30 copies in digifile,

available from:


Und hier der Text des Labels:

Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter (DBPIT) is an experimental / industrial music project started by Flavio Rivabella in the year 2000 after several years of partecipations side by side with the most relevant members of roman underground scene.

Trumpet, field-recording and electroacoustic are the main tools DBPIT deals with. Aliens, outer space, human misery and soul distress his main sources of inspiration. In may 2002 Misty Circles produced the first solo album by DBPIT after which several albums and participations followed; please see website for full discography. Apart from his “solo” project, dbpit has collaborated with many important bands: Novy Svet, Spectre, Circus Joy, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Lendormin, Kenji Siratori, Kumiko Okamura, CrisX and others.

DBPIT has played live in Italy, France, Germany, Latvia, Japan and China. As late as 2008, DBPIT started a permanent collaboration with his partner in life, the painter and graphic artist XxeNa; they have participated together in art exhibitions, issued several cds and set up a series of audio-visual live performances based on live video manipulation and sound.All 15 tracks featured on this release appearing on compilations published online for various labels.

Limited to 30 copies.

For more information, please contact us.

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