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06-12-2012, 18:32 | Michael We.

Kostenloser Labelsampler auf DROWNING (Doom Drone)

Das Drone- und Doom-Netzlabel DROWNING, welches wir hier schon öfter erwähnt haben (rund um DANNY KREUTZFELDT), veröffentlicht eine kostenlose Download-Zusammenstellung. Links siehe unten, hier der offizielle Labeltext:

Total Drowning
New compilation out now as free download
DROWN11 - December 4th 2012

This 1st Drowning compilation features a wide but fitting selection from old and new acts and bands. None of this material has been released on Drowning before.

1.  i AM esper - A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Part 1 - 10:08
Sombre soaring drone doom by this upcoming act.

2. Wyrm - The Fates (Reprise) - 08:32
More of the trademark cosmic droning black metal.

3. Outer Nothingness - Lost - 07:14
Eclectic tapeloop drones by young Danish talent.

4. SOL - Viljen Til Kamp - 06:00
Crushing death doom metal and only known SOL work with Danish lyrics.

5. Ainshval - The Lost Race - 10:25
True Pictish black metal and 1st outing in many years by this lost Scottish band.

6. Omar Garita - Pour Lénina - 13:36
Tender timeless minimalism.

Artwork: Gustave Doré. Cover: Danny Kreutzfeldt.

Listen / Info: http://drowning.cc/drown11-va-total-drowning.html

Direct download: http://drowning.cc/zip/drown11.zip

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