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18-05-2012, 11:21 | Michael We.

Neue LLOVESPELL - auch als Kas. mit exkl. Remixen

Nächste Woche erscheint ein neues LLOVESPELL-Album, welches eben mit dem neuen SUE-Newsletter angekündigt wurde:

sue41cd | sue41mc
llovespell – logic lust
logic lust – here it comes: the new llovespell album. a search for a possibility to get in touch with a loved one and a thousand stops before the mostly invincible borders of the self... this is where songs fall off like rain.  the llovespells having their turn again: a ride through feelings, the longing for an understanding what love could mean, what a lover could be but disappointment. loose yourself into logic lust – if you do or if you don’t: every morning brings coldness and a kind of clearness, of course. the new album has a mainly driving sound, you could say: it’s consistent fast...  ...in the way of the sphere spine spectre.
sue41cd >>> logic lust: 9 new studio tracks | limited to 300 numbered copies | 13,-eur
sue41mc >>> logic lust: 9 new studio tracks + 10 rmxs to celebrate the 10th birthday of the band: 9 rmxs of some real llvspll-classics + one rmx of one of the new songs | limited to 70 numbered copies | 16,-eur
antlers mulm – the age of efficiency
the cd version of the last years vinyl lp release. a step forward into the late 70’s/early 80’s. rude, minimal proto-wave: high tension, a brute liqueur and a lack of common sense. put it in your car stereo and drive into the sunset of the current civilization...
sue37cd >>> 10 + 1 studio tracks | limited to 300 copies | 13,-eur

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