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16-05-2012, 21:11 | Michael We.

ENFANT TERRIBLE mit neuem Sublabel

Neue Veröffentlichungen und Sublabel bei den Niederländern von ENFANT TERRIBLE:

Two new releases...

First there is the Europ Europ 10". This is industrial music as it should sound. never becoming dark in a gothic kind of way, never becoming weak dance music in a new school kind of way, and without getting lost in noise for the sake of noise. The music is ritual and tribal and performed like an occult rite. Here are some infos and sounds:

Here is a full track preview:

The second release is the first one on the new sublabel Gooiland Elektro. It is an compilation 12" with sleazy elektro, glamsynth and dirty dance tunes... featuring Sololust, Velvet Condom, Gold Zebra, Cute Heels feat. Devon Disaster, Tobias Bernstrup and Terminal Twilight.
For infos and sounds see here:

The Sololust track can be pre-listened here:

Both releases are expected in early June 2012.

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