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05-04-2012, 14:00 | Michael We.

Neues Album von NAEVUS in vier Wochen

Anfang Mai wird ein neues NAEVUS-Album erscheinen, angekündigt von HAURUCK!. Es birgt einige Überraschungen, so viel steht jetzt schon fest. Besprechung folgt... Hier der Pressetext:


HR!106/gg164, Hau Ruck!/Klanggalerie - CD

Releasedate: . May 1st 2o12

The Division of Labour is the long-anticipated seventh album from Naevus. Four years in the making, The Division of Labour is the most sharply focused Naevus thus far, uniting the classic acoustic guitar-based sound of Naevus with slabs of post-punk ("Idiots"), searing stabs of guitar noise ("Hobo Placing"), psychedelic introspection ("Donkey's Trough") and even a glimpse of the drum machine-based sound of the earliest Naevus recordings ("Song in Suspension").

Performed and produced solely by Naevus founder Lloyd James, and featuring compositional contributions from Raffaele Cerroni (Mushroom's Patience), Hunter Barr (KnifeLadder), Ben McLees (This is Radio Silence) and Propergol Y Colargol.

The Division of Labour is the most accomplished Naevus album to date, an immaculate production that unites Lloyd James's lyrical introspection with carefully crafted minimalist songwriting to create a unique and rewarding listening experience.

1. Man in a Ditch
2. Idiots (Let Me In)
3. Bleat Beep
4. Making Hay
5. The Stomach
6. Song in Suspension
7. Hobo Placing
8. Donkey's Trough
9. Chalk is Valuable, Keep it in Your Hand

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