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02-03-2012, 13:32 | Michael We.

C93 live @ Berlin, zum Download u.a.

Aus dem brandneuen Newsletter von DAVID TIBET:

C93 free download of unreleased track

I am delighted to announce my friends at Washington Records have made available a free download of an unreleased mix of C93’s ‘Passenger ‘Aleph’ In Name’ from BAALSTORM, SING OMEGA. This version features the amazing percussion and drums of Alex Neilson and has never appeared elsewhere. There is also a small downloadable CD sleeve, and some paintings of mine on a related weblink at the site. Thanks to Mikael R Andreasen and his exquisite group KLOSTER. Click here.

Michael Cashmore has rejoined C93 for all C93 concerts amen amen amen

We are UtterOverMoon to announce that Michael Cashmore will be appearing with C93 for all the concerts here mentioned as well as other ones Currently being planned. WE LOVE CASHMORE UTTERLY ALWAYS!!!

C93 play new set including new material and new arrangements, Berlin, 9 April

C93 are PerfectPeace to Be DrinkingGrails at Berlin Volksbühne on 9 April. C93 will be playing a new set on this occasion including new material by C93 as well as songs from the upcoming MYRNINEREST album, “JHONN”, Uttered Babylon which centres on David Tibet’s relationship with, and love for, Jhonn Balance. Also Unveiled for the first time will be new arrangements of C93 classics from the last 93 years of Our Living and Giving.
Tickets go on sale, we are told, on 1 March. We will give more details as soon as we have them.

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