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14-02-2012, 11:20 | Michael We.

Erstes SOLBLOT-Album endlich erschienen

Der lang angekündigte erste Longplayer der Schweden, die wir hier schon interviewt haben, ist endlich erschienen. Auszug aus dem Newsletter von TESCO (Vertrieb):

release date: early march

För mig finns ingen väg från hemmets dörr, Heidrunar/Solvännen (Heim011/Sol001)

The long awaited and highly anticipated first album from Swedish folk band Solblot has finally seen the light of day. Despite working at a glacial pace, having been formed in 2003 and until now having only released one single in 2007, Solblot is a band with a dedicated cult following, thanks to a few select and spectacular live performances.
Solblot's unique brand of neofolk is based on traditional Scandinavian folk and Swedish progressive rock, with a slight touch of the experimental. The songs are simple, melodic and catchy, with a punky edge and an organic, rough production. Their lyrics, sung in Swedish, are appropriated from the Nobel laureate and idealistic national romanticist Verner von Heidenstam (1859-1940). Nostalgic, romantic hymns of an idealised Sweden, which never existed except as a dream.
Featuring: Kim Larsen (:Of the Wand and the Moon:, Solanaceae), Niels Rønne (:Of the Wand and the Moon:), Stefan Otto (Nebelung), Anne Eltard (:Of the Wand and the Moon:, Solanaceae) and Petter Lindgård (The Mopeds, session work for Tom Jones, Roxette, The Cardigans among others).
Available both as CD and LP.  

The CD includes a 16-page booklet with full colour photos.  
The LP includes an 18cm x 24cm cardprint.
The black vinyl is limited to 400 copies and the yellow vinyl to 100 copies.
(HEIM011 / SOL001) 


01. Himladrottningens bild i Heda (02:54)
02. Paradisets timma (02:40)
03. Kommer aldrig solen? (03:04)
04. En dag I (03:18)
05. En dag II (02:15)
06. Sommarljuset (03:30)
07. Åkallan & löfte (03:44)
08. Drömsyn på ängen (04:07)
09. Barrikadsång (03:30)
10. Medborgarsång (02:33)
11. Ålderdomen (05:41)

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