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09-02-2012, 11:21 | Michael We.

B'EE mit CDs und Konzerten (IN GOWAN RING)

Zwei CDs, eine mit und eine ohne Musik, sowie Konzerte von IN GOWAN RING auch in Deutschland. Das sind die News aus dem (leider ziemlich unübersichtlichen) Newsletter von B'EE (BIRCH BOOK / IN GOWAN RING):

Ahoy Friends!
As the sun and the chill come to straighten the way, we take pause for surveying collected impressions of the long night in the dead month; setting sights for waters to gather, waters to disperse, waters to share;  heeding the blackthorn's promise, grateful for warmth offered in unlikely quarters;  keeping:  Fire of the hearth stoked with stock in store, Fire of the forge aglow in simple dedication,  Fire of inspiration flickering deft in depths of emptiness.
<>On offer this season, a project that would most easily be referenced within the American Minimalist tradition. Though I have been working this winter on new song compositions, none are featured here on this CD (REPEAT: 'THERE ARE NO SONGS ON THIS CD').  There is but one piece fleshed out according to a curiosity-willing-exploration, the inception of which arose after partaking in a happening of James Tenney's 'In a Large, Open Space” initiated by 'The Initiative' whilst Occupying Berlin on 29 October 2011.
Organic Light (or the Secreted Egg) also owes mention to the calculations of Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto in that the fundamental frequency is tuned to the 30th octave of Earth orbit Sun (as enumerated in 'The Cosmic Octave') this being a lower octave of the frequency commonly utilized as Shadja or tonic in Indian Raga .  Organic Light is proffered as a 'sensorial matrix' or 'self experiential field' for use in either recumbent or erect positions. 

O R G A N I C   L I G H T
The Secreted Egg
Emissions from the primary 19 harmonics of 30th octave

Limited Edition CD Available Here:

<>A new recording by Birch Book will be featured in the Soundtrack for the latest book published by Malört Förlag: Varulven i svensk folktradition (Werewolves in Swedish Folklore) by Ella Odstedt (originally from 1943).  The Digipac CD consists of eleven folk scented songs from as many artists, who sought inspiration in the 'varulvsmyter' that Odstedt mentions in her book.  Designed by Timo Ketola.
The Song 'Werewolf's Eyes' (co-written with Gunhild Andersen) is a 'Folksong Dialogue' between a werewolf and his lover. Features alto, tenor and bass recorder by Gunhild Andersen, voice and guitar by B'ee.
The Varulven i Svensk Folktradition soundtrack also features tracks by Fursaxa, Faun Fables, Hexvessel, and Hedningarna among others.
Copies will be available via Lune Music Mailorder later in February.

More info:

<>Spring performances 2012 In Gowan Ring with Lisa o Piu & Jennie Ståbis:
11March:Copenhagen, Denmark; 14March:Düsseldorf, Germany;  17:March:Lleida, Spain; 31March:Zwolle, Holland; + Leuven, Belgium; Possibly Granada, Berlin and others(? …stay tuned…

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