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02-09-2011, 23:59 | Michael We.

TUT/RUR mit News, u.a. "Bach Eingeschaltet"

TREUE UM TREUE / REUE UM REUE meldet sich mit vier neuen Veröffentlichungen, darunter die vierte Ausgabe der wunderbaren 7inch-Serie "Bach Eingeschaltet" (siehe Besprechung Nr. 3 => hier). Text aus dem aktuellen Newsletter:


7” EP, dark grey vinyl, in fold-out cardboard sleeve
limited edition of +/- 150 copies

The fourth instalment of “Bach Eingeschaltet” by Canadian guitar-drone hero AIDAN BAKER is a double-edged sword: his interpretations of the maestro are both the closest to the originals, almost academic in execution, and in the end the most deconstructive. The live arrangement for electric guitar of the famous cello suite Prelude slowly but surely drowns in a mist of effects abuse, while the epic and lush metal-drone version of a menuet is carried away by NADJAesque lumbering guitar chords in streams of boundless distortion.


LP, black vinyl, limited edition of +/- 200 copies
Finally the second album by the Berlin-based French multi-instrumentalist. Three years and many live gigs after the self-titled debut, Niedowierzanie’s music has lost nothing of his maestria and exotic flavour. The complex compositions using a variety of acoustic instruments and digital effects still tell us of faraway places, conjuring vivid pictures of south-American landscapes, Mediterranean balconies and eastern harbours. But it has also become more accessible, leaving behind the long experimental pieces and turning instead to shorter, more rhythmic, even danceable songs full of Bohemian romanticism and Mediterranean flair. Dreamy, lazily swaying ballads alternate with somber pieces like funeral marches in the heat and dust of a summer evening, revealing sudden pangs of unease and anguish behind the flowing southern nonchalance. With “Attendre”, Niedowierzanie delivers a masterpiece of Post-Mediterranea worthy of such legends as Novy Svet or Mushroom’s Patience.


LP, chrystal clear vinyl, limited edition of +/- 200 copies
Reue um Reue is very proud to present “Rosegger”, the third opus by Berlin-based one-man project Bex. Originally from France, Bex has released two CDs on the French label “Le Dernier Cri” and played a great many concerts throughout Europe since his first live gig back in 2006. “Rosegger” is his first vinyl appearance, his most luminous and most intense work to date. As if emerging through some hermetic transformation from the harshness and anger of the previous albums, “Rosegger” is ablaze with a radiant, almost ecstatic mixture of joy and grief, drenched in light even in its darkest moments. Melodic guitarscapes and distant shoegaze vocals between lament and incantations pour over the listener, filling every pore, vein and cell with a warm, brittle, spellbinding emotion, taking him adrift on luminous waters which progressively darken on side B, finally drowning the incandescence into deep pools of doom drones like a glorious, achingly beautiful sunset.


C40 professional tape, limited edition of 150 copies
„When Trees Fall Down“ is the sonic encounter of Douleurfantome and Nature Morte. Two projects, two styles, but the same raw and dark emotions, the same need to express and transcend sadness, anger, frustration and the darkness around. For Douleurfantome, it is through the steady power and fragile violence of subtle noise-drones compositions, using feedback distortions and distant metallic melodies hazed in loads of digital filters, hanging in the air like electricity before a storm. At first glance, Nature Morte’s approach seems softer, more organic, but the omen of violence is there too, beneath the surface, in the gloom and mystery of the dark slo-mo, almost orchestral ambient, only a step away from the gaping chasm. On this release, each alone on the same journey, their paths cross, collide, diverge and cross again, and on two tracks they meet, in the middle of a wood of falling trees, where the forest of human emotions is at its darkest.

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