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04-05-2011, 11:33 | Michael We.

Aus dem Archiv von NOVY SVET

In den kommenden Tagen soll "Into Your Skies" (rur019) erscheinen, mit 22 bislang unveröffentlichten Songs von NOVY SVET. Labelinfo:

LP - black vinyl - in 6-panel fold-out poster cover in 3 different colours - lim. ed. of +/- 500 hand-numbered copies

First record to emerge from the exploration of the NOVY SVET archives, "Into Your Skies" gathers 22 previously unreleased tracks from the years 2001-2003. Most of them were originally composed and recorded for an English Folk album which never came into being – until today. Passionate, vindictive and oh so emotional, those stripped-down songs of love and hate, death and despair hit the bull's eye with their bitterness, misanthropy and gut honesty. If the English-only lyrics come as a surprise, in style and mood this lost and found opus is pure, quintessential NOVY SVET… the ultimate "combat-folk" album!

Side A
All Purity Quenched
Days Will Come
Howl Like A Wolf
You Make Me Sick
Try It All
A Machine You Are

Side B
Bitter Places
Always On My Mind
Meat & Sex
Sober Song
Butterfly's Destiny
Into Your Skies
Silver & Grey
Chelsea Slaughter

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