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09-02-2011, 21:56 | Michael We.


OLEGH KOLYADA alias ODA RELICTA alias FIRST HUMAN FERRO hat schon immer eine besondere Beziehung zum Thema 'Weltall' gehabt. (Siehe auch NONPOP-Besprechung zu "Energia".) Mit seinem Projekt FIRST HUMAN FERRO widmet er nun ein Album dem ukrainischen Weltraum-Pionier YURI KONDRATYUK.

Aus dem Newsletter von OLEGH:

Alexander Shargey (also known as Yuriy Kondratyuk) is a representative of passionate enthusiastic inventors who put their lives at stake to accomplish the mission for the future good of the whole mankind. Shargey belongs to a cohort of scientists who were the first to foresee the space conquering. They were great yet mocked-at dreamers and had to fight against all odds twice as hard. Shargey is a “recognized” space theoretic of unique unconventional genius. The name of a self-made engineer since decades has become well up to par with famous scientists like Tsiolkovskiy, Tsander, Korolyov. Ukrainian First Human Ferro project led by Olegh Kolyada pays a long overdue tribute to its compatriot composing a wellcrafted vintage dark ambient album with both poignant and mesmerizing layers of sidereal voyage. "Homo Shargey" was pre-mastered by Italian ambient magician Vestigial. The packaging consists of a luxurious A5-sized digipak with silver finish and gloss varmish, conceptually designed by Marcin Łojek at Ibsen design. Only 500 copies made. This particular release is a cooperative effort of New Nihilism, fellow Requiem Productions and Triangle Records.

Erschienen bei NEW NIHILISM

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