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10-11-2010, 22:15 | Dominik T.


rotorelief, french records label dedicated to experimental, industrial, electronic, folk musics, unexpected concepts and art editions in any formats, is happy to announce the following new releases, all available on rotorelief.com:

VIVENZA - modes réels collectifs - LP and CD  
It is the first work published in 1981 under the unique banner Vivenza, and must be seen as a kind of genuine « Manifesto » that will then become emblematic of all his work.

Rotorelief releases, from 2010, a series of new albums from Sand as well as a reissue of their obscure and rare album Golem, and albums by Nurse with Wound and Current 93.
This series of albums from Sand is called “INXOM”, the series title having one letter for each album. So, 5 albums of Sand are to be released.
Two more albums from Nurse with Wound and Current 93, two groups who helped to bring to light the mystery that is Sand, increase the number of letters in the title. With these last two albums the series becomes INXODEM.
His First StepsGolem - Desert Navigation - Sylph BalletNorth Atlantic Raven. And Chromanatron by Nurse With Wound and When the May Rain Comes, cover versions of Sand by Current 93.

SAND - Golem - LP and CD  
Reissue of Golem, the legendary album from the cosmic and psychedelic genius that is Sand.

CURRENT 93 - When the May Rain Comes - 12’’ EP  
It is a cover of a track by Sand, whose work has had a profound affect on Tibet’s work, and first appeared on Current 93’s influential album Thunder Perfect Mind. Also appearing on this 12'' is an alternate version of the same track from a CD single which accompanied the first 1,000 copies of Tibet and Stapleton’s release of material by Sand, Ultrasonic Seraphim.

COH - Z-Rated - CD  
The record carries many ironic connotations found in the superhero cinematic follow-up by Takashi Miike, Zebraman 2. Yet Z-rated is so much more... It is a reference to the raw power of no-budget creation below that of B-movies, to the last position, even the extreme one. Some music that was hitherto kept hidden and revealed at last, obscure and odd tracks, unreleased material, rare live recordings... Diverse in style and form, Z-rated undoubtedly carries Ivan's own uninhibited touch all in power and finesse.


Pharmakustik - neurochemie - LP
Le Syndicat - festin d’acier - LP
Roxy Epoxy - 1000 - EP 12’’
Brume - ainsi soit-il! - LP
Ilitch - life out of time - LP
Pacific 231 & Vox Populi! - aramesh - CD
Pacific 231 & Lieutenant Caramel - just digging the crazy art - LP
Vivenza - réalités servomécaniques - CD (LP out of stock but soon available in red vinyls!)
Maurizio Bianchi - persecutionem - LP
Ether - music for air raids V2.0 - LP
Jac Berrocal / Marie France / Jack Belsen - marie-antoinette is not dead - 7’’
Pacific 231 - ethnicities - LP + CD
Coilectif - in memory ov John Balance and homage to Coil - 2LP + CD
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