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16-06-2010, 18:07 | Michael We.


Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter von DAVID TIBET:

Dear all:

This is a very personal update.

I have been told there has been some speculation, over the last few months, regarding my personal and emotional circumstances.

My wife ANDRIA DEGENS and I separated in September/October 2009 after 13 years together. It has been an extremely difficult time for both of us, as you can imagine, and was made sadder and more painful by other events around it, including the passing to G+D of two of our beloved cats, Goblin and Baby, who both died within a short space of each other. Last month Wiggy, another cat of ours, almost died, but happily she has recovered and continues to delight.
ANDRIA and I remain close friends and very supportive of each other in all ways, though this has been a period of almost unbearable sadness and pain for both of us—the hardest one I personally have been through since that time when my father and JHONN BALANCE died and then I almost died. Bad things, and good things, come in threes, it seems. The Hidden God has an untamed humour.

I wanted to write this short note in the spirit of the emotional honesty which I have always hoped would inform my, and C93's, work - at least to the extent that my vanity and frailty allowed. I pay tribute to that deep love and connection which held ANDRIA and I together for so long, and which continues to manifest with a different face, with different colours. And both ANDRIA and I wish to thank all those many friends who supported us emotionally over the last few months, never taking sides, and holding us with compassion, love and patience. We know it was difficult for you too.


15 June 2010

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