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13-02-2009, 14:38 | Michael We.


Das französische Label INFRASTITION widmet den Landsleuten von LITTLE NEMO zwei Doppel-CDs. Im Februar sollen die Best-Of-Ausgaben erhältlich sein. (Beachtet hierzu auch unsere LITTLE NEMO-Werkschau auf NONPOP.) Hier der Promo-Vorabtext:

INFRASTITION will reissue a LITTLE NEMO anthology in two double-CDs, remastered with leafleats loaded with rare and unreleased pictures and documents! It was worth the wait! 

The first volume will gather the first official demo tape "Past and Future" (for the first time on digital support!), "Sounds in the attic", "Private Life" and "Berlin", B-side of the "New flood" single as wall as the "Seconds" version later recorded for teh "Out of nowhere" sampler as bonuses.

The albums "Turquoise Fields" and "The world is flat", the "Cadavres exquis" and "Bio logic" EPs, and as bonuses, "City lights" of the "13" sampler (both short and long version) and two rare tracks once published on the limited edition single "Au milieu du Ciel" will make their way on the 2nd volume.

Sorry for the hardcore fans, but the first unreleased demos won't be published, the band didn't wish them to appear.

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