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22-12-2007, 02:58 | Roy L.

COMANDO SUZIEs Debütalbum nun erhältlich!

COMANDO SUZIE - "Pobres Chavales"

PUNCH 024 | CD | limitiert auf 333 Kopien
12,00 EUR

Quiero Ser Como Joe Crepusculo
Larga Vida Al Rocanrol (Y A Vincent Leone)
Selectores Y Discjockeys
Pobres Chavales
Chicos Austriacos
Rumania Mon Amour

Finally the first full length CD by Comando Suzie!
The spanish duo present their debut album "Pobres Chavales", offering us 11 new-wave/electro-pop beautiful songs. Love, desire, remorse and punishment stories of a sick city (Barcelona) sung by the sexy-dark voice of Comandante Raul with his sarcastic style.

ERIK URSICH - "Electronic Diffraction Patterns"

PUNCH 025 | CD-Enhanced in Jewelcase + Beiheft
voraussichtlich ab 21. Januar 2008

Propagazione Di Onde Elettromagnetiche In Ambiente Privo Di Atmosfera
Stati Di Interazione Cromodinamica Perturbativa
Decadimento Beta Di Un Gruppo Di Neutroni Al Di Fuori Del Nucleo
Progressivo Stabilizzarsi Di Elettroni In Moto Perpetuo

Ladies and Gentlemen, Erik Ursich is back! And ‘back’ is what his record is all about!!!
With the use of his beloved and inseparable vintage analog machines, Erik gives us a ticket for a voyage to the past…to visit the spirit of the first electronic music pioneers of the 50s and 60s! Like the times in which electronic music was born, his record shows total disinterest in any commercial aspect…”distracting” elements like rhythm and melody are absent, pure electronic sound is the only thing that matters, with no compromises or winks! 5 long tracks of hypnotic, droney, dark, heavy, psychedelic, minimalist and wild outbursts of roaring vintage synths! A descent into the pits of Erik’s most intimate electronic soul! And just in case this didn’t do enough to punch you in the third eye, slip the cd in your computer and enjoy the sick, choking and hallucinatory video made for one of the songs…that should complete the service!!! In short, file this record under “UNEASY LISTENING”!

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