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22-05-2007, 22:23 | Claudia K.

Zwei neue Reue Um Reue Veröffentlichungen ab Juni

SUNEATERS - "Cosmic Insight, Baby (Part 1)"


rur005 | 10" | goldenes Vinyl in Foldout-Cover
limitiert auf +/- 340 handnummerierte Kopien
Anfang Juni | 15 EUR

Embryionic Panckae Empire

Solar Suneaters Transmission

The electronics of the legendary 70s "Berliner Schule" are coming back to life again! Tobias Fischer (Feu Follet/Naarmann und Neiteler) and Mirko Uhlig (solo/Aalfang mit Pferdekopf) are openly displaying their love for floating pads, pulsating sequencers, dynamic melodies and freely breathing soundscapes. The duo combines the warmth and deepness of analogue "cosmic music" with emotional drones and contemporary electronics. References are plentiful, ranging from the great pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze as well as Kluster and Eno to the magical musical territories of Coil, Robert Fripp and Mirror. Featuring the guest appearance of renowned ambient and classical composer Steve Jolliffe (founding member of Supertramp and Tangerine Dream) on flute.

NATURE MORTE -  "(Recluse)"


rur006 | CD | DigiPak mit 5 Inserts
limitiert auf 333 handnummerierte Kopien
Anfang Juni | 16 EUR

(Recluse) I
(Recluse) II

Take a deep, deep breath. Forget your surroundings and concentrate on the throb of the pendulum slowly disappearing in the mists of mineral drones…  on the count of ten you will awake in the world of (recluse). A lunar world, both cool and emotional, filled with organ and free-reed soundscapes, rustling, swirling and simmering drones and celestial harmonies which take you back to a primeval and elemental state. Feel like a rock in the middle of the ocean or a fossilised oak tree in a dark ancestral wood as Nature Morte’s nightfall music soothingly flows around you, both feather light and heavy with secrets. Air, water, earth, fire. Aether. A majestic debut for this French one-man-project, which presents here his first official full-length release.

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