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14-03-2007, 18:40 | Dominik T.


a short update about news and activities:
Der Blutharsch`s new album is nearly finished..we work on the last 2 songs, and will fly to Scotland in June to do the master with our alltime mastering heroe Denis Blackham. A nice little holiday break as well and maybe the chance to taste real haggis.
There will be a live appearance November 24th at the Slimelight London to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of our beloved friend Gaya`s Hagshadow activities. For this night we will perform as "Albin Julius and friends" - so expect something different than Blutharsch, what exactly, we don´t know yet ourselves.

HauRucK! is releasing the Varunna Cantos CD in 2 weeks - it will be available via tesco Distribution. The album was recorded at Studio 451 and me and Jörg B. are playing a few instruments and tunes on it as well.
More HR! releases are in the pipe...Changes`s Legends LP version, Derniere Volonte`s tour 7inch, Naevus`s new album, Bain Wolfkinds mCD - for exact releasedates watch out our newsletter.
Derniere Volonte will perform 3 dates in May..Budapest, Zagreb and Roma..I will be with them, and if people want a party after the shows, maybe I will dj some of my favorite songs, and if you pay me a drink I wouldn`t say "NO!"

Have a nice spring,

Albin Julius



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