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26-02-2007, 18:58 | Roy L.

Neue CDs von Cynfeirdd/Infrastition


HIDE & SEEK - "Where Turtles Sleep"

CD | Digifile
14,00 EUR

One The Balcony
Clouds & Blue
L'Armée Des Arbres
De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir
Ghosts Of The Swiming Pool
The Dreams Of The Architect
In Mijn Direntuin
...D'Or Et De Lumière

Second album of the Nederland-French duet after the well received 2003 album “European Landscapes”. After several compilation tracks and two side-projetcs: A sparrow grass hunt with Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites and Thy Violent Vanity with O Quam Tristis, Hide & Seek will bring you again in their polyglot dream-world...


CD | Digifile | limitiert auf 472 handnummerierte Kopien
14,00 EUR

Raido (Wooden Vers.)
Algiz (Gloomy Vers.)
The Shaman's Call
A Rune Song
Durch Nacht Zum Licht!
Bonus Video-track: Goddess

Second album of the Russian band, after the succesfull 2004 “Twilight of the world” in 2004. Anew based and dedicated to the runes and sung in Russian, Icelandic and German this album will lead you into the deepest forest, into the deepest state of mind...


MARY GOES ROUND - "Way To Wonderland..."

fin013 | 2CD | Jewelcase
20,00 EUR

Two 15 tracks CD including songs from the compilations "13", "Unreleased Vol. 1" and "Live au Kremlin Vol. 2".

Mary Sleeps Alone
Dark Times
The Night
The Promised Land
The Great Desire
Teardrops Again
The Nightmare (version '88)
Mary In The Sky
On The Sea
The Shelter (Version '89)
Another Sunset
The Party
Kiss me Love (Live)
Mary's Yellow Dream (Live)

Mary's Garden
On My Way Back Home
Useless Day
Clouds And Clouds
Who Believes In Better Days?
Any Mary I See
The Nile Song
Kiss Me Love
Pink Shadow
She Said
The Shelter (Version '87)
On My Way Back Home (Live)

All tracks of the Touching Pop leading band remastered! Recorded between 1988 and 1991 all four albums and one maxi-single of Mary Goes Round, duet formed of Jérôme Avril and Cécile Balladino are typicals of the Lively Art sound (Little Nemo and Asylum Party label), crossover of new-wave, french rock, and that little kind of magic giving such an originality.

MARY GOES ROUND - "...Way Back Home"

fin014 | 2CD | Jewelcase
20,00 EUR

Two 15 tracks CD including songs from the compilation "L'appel de la muse", live recordings and a brand new 2006 version.

Mary Soul Damage
Is Mary Magic?
Orange Car
Thank You For The Ride
Shut Up And Die
The Thief And The Bride
Kiss And Kill
Jingle Jangle
Mary I Love You
Give Me
Mary's Yellow Dreams
Hot Shot In Space
Mary's Garden (Angela Mix)
No Revolution
Waiting For The Orange Car

Marie Adore Ça
Miss You
L'Ami Saoulant
T.V. Girl
Chair De Plaisir
Magic Lift
Les Gens De Gris
Following The Angel
Dark Times (Demo)
The Party V1
Mary Adore Ça (live)
The Nightmare (Version '85)
On My Way Back Home (2006)

Über Mary Goes Round:
The first appearance of Jérôme Avril and Cécile Balladino together on stage in 86 at the Rex Club in Paris playing guest for Sonic Youth can be considered as the very début of Mary Goes Round, although the name was not here yet. Maurice (bass guitar) and Gilbert Correy (drums) who played a key role in the creation of the band having introduced Jérôme to Cécile were on stage with Jérôme (guitar/singer) and Cécile (keyboard), doing their first steps named Red Light.
This gig was the only event for the band at this time. They had no real projects when they were given the opportunity to have a song released on the compilation Unreleased volume I in 87. For this occasion, the Shelter was recorded and the name Mary Goes Round was chosen. This version of the Shelter is the only studio recording MGR ever did with a drummer.
Nothing really important happened then until MGR participation in the compilation Unreleased volume II one year later. MRG recorded the Nightmare, with a drum machine to replace Gilbert who was still in the band but absent.
After this second compilation, MGR decided to produce their own album without Gilbert who definitely left the band. MGR recorded a five songs demo that led the band to a distribution deal with New Rose , the famous independant French label record. Eventually, the mini-lp Sunset, was released in 89.

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