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16-02-2007, 15:19 | Roy L.

Neue Vinyls auf Treue Um Treue

ECHO WEST - "Kreuze"


tut006 | 2 x 10" | schwarzes Vinyl in Gatefold-Cover
limitiert auf ca. 300 handnummerierte Kopien
24 EUR | erhältlich ca. Ende Februar

Side A - Ver:
Herz und Stein
Weak Weak Weak
Up And Down

Side B - Aestas:
Tearing Inside
One New Testament
Back from Paradise

Side C - Autumnus:
For Nothing
Im Licht Allein

Side D - Hiems:
1000 Things
Das verlorene Paradies
Weg des Lebens

This collection of unreleased tracks recorded between 2002 and 2006 takes the listener on a foreboding journey from catchy electro-wave anthems to cold longing requiems, a solemn and vibrant march from hopeful spring to desperate winter. Echo West puts the occidental martyr to music on his darkest record to date.

FIENDISH FIB/WERMUT - "The Nervous Split"


tut007 | 10" | schwarzes Vinyl + Foldout Insert
limitiert auf ca. 300 handnummerierte Kopien
14 EUR | erhältlich ca. Ende Februar

Side A - Fiendish Fib:
Nervous Guy
The Traveller
La Jungle
Toy Piano

Side B - Wermut:
Complainte Du Galgo Noir
Deutschland Jahr 0
Nervous Girl

Old friends meet again on this semi-paleontological split release between yesterday’s France and today’s Germany. Toulouse-based duet FIENDISH FIB appears here with unreleased material from the late 80s / early 90s, restored from the original demo-tape: seven post-punk industrial anthems, between Coil, Pseudo Code, The Residents and early Die Form. For their Teutonic response and homage to these tunes from the past, WERMUT choose to reveal the electro-punk side of their versatile personality, with dance-floor orientated songs in the vein of the “Hoffnung” LP. For all the nervous boys and girls of then and now.

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