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11-10-2006, 17:07 |

Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler wird im Zuge einer geplanten Mini Tour auch in Europa zu sehen sein.

Folgende Termine stehen für Frankreich und Belgien:

25. October in Rennes (erster Auftritt in Frankreich)

26. Oktober in Nantes, Frankreich (Soy Festival)
mit Kria Brekkam (MÙM) , Grizzly Bear, Cyan and Ben

27. Oktober in Paris

28. Oktober Brüssel/Belgien

29. Oktober Gent/Belgien


First I would like to thank all of the wonderful people in Guadalajara especially Sonorama Revista who made such a fun and wonderful trip: has anyone ever tried a Michelada? Its a drink with tobasco sauce, worcheshire sauce, beer, lemon juice, salt , and (sometimes clamato)- it is really good- seriously- the best part of touring is getting to experience the local flavors- like really good homemade mole encheladas- anyway-:
I guess they have entire bars dedicated to micheladas ( i am not sure that I am spelling that correctly)
anyway- ok- another wonderful thing about mexico is that you can go to a cantina in the middle of the day and people are relaxing watching people sing opera and drinking idios and good beer- so fun- highly reccommended- a pitchfork 10

October 20th, Bridgeport , CT (with the fabulous Alec K. Redfearn of the eyesores, barnacles, beat circus, etc.)

October 25th Rennes, France at Nodzei (this will be my first show ever in france)

October 26th, Nantes, France (Soy Festival)
with Kria Brekkam (mum) , Grizzly Bear, and Cyan and Ben

October 27th, Paris, France (opening up for Merz)

October 28th, Brussels, Belgium

October 29th, Ghent, Belgium

November 4th CMJ showcase, NYC , Brooklyn

definitely come and drink red wine in france and look at the stars and listen to sad music and think about love and all the things we wish we had and all the things that we lost-

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