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13-02-2006, 13:51 | Roy L.

MSF-Sampler "Not Alone" erhältlich

V/A - Not Alone

5CD-Box + Beiheft | DURTRO JNANA 1963CD
$ 24.99 (+ $ 13.50 Versand nach Europa)

Initiiert von Mark Logan und David 'Late' Tibet, enthält dieses Set größtenteils bisher unveröffentlichtes Material von 75 Künstlern. Der gesamte Erlös dieses Projektes kommt der Médecins Sans Frontierès Organisation zugute, speziell um deren Arbeit gegen die AIDS Epidemie in Afrika zu fördern.


CD 1 - Fly Away And Then What?
Damon and Naomi - A Song For You
John Contreras - Brian
Mirror - Forgotten Language Of Light
Fursaxa - In Lieu Of
Baby Dee - When You Found Me
Howie B - Yesterday I Was A Cow
Tom Recchion - Sea World
Matmos - A Song for Zhe Appeal
Blue Eyed Black - Sweet Shadow Heart
Eric Lanzilotta - An Exploration Of A Spacious Yet Enclosed Domain (excerpt)
Little Annie - Freddy And Me
Colin Potter - It’s Coming
Keiji Haino - Fleeing Panic-Stricken Shriveled Equal Temperament
Allen Ginsberg - On Another’s Sorrow
Devendra Banhart - A Sight To Behold
David Surkamp - With Out Borders

CD 2
Jarboe - Mantra
L - The First Flower People
Richard Buckner - Do You Want to Go Somewhere
Cyclobe - Indulge Yourselves With Our Delicious Monster
Six Organs Of Admittance - You Will Be The Sun
Dolly Collins - Poor Sally Sits A Weeping
William Basinski - Because
Edward Ka-Spel - Sticks & Stones (Version)
Larsen - Il Sogno Di Momi
Vashti Bunyan - The Same But Different
Angels Of Light - Song For My Father
Thighpaulsandra - Star Malloy
Suishou No Fune - In the Clouds
Pantaleimon - Change My World (Alternative Mix)
Aube - Movement
Mr Durt - Denial
Michael Yonkers - Somebody

CD 3
Bevis Frond - Someone Always Talks
Sarah Hallman - Snowballin’
Faun Fables - The Transit Rider
Luke Doucet - Unbelievable
Jad Fair - Right On The Line
Unveiled - Endless
Antony - Hole In My Soul
Charlemagne Palestine - Espoir Guerison
Alex Neilson & Richard Youngs - House Of Constant Song
Anomoanon - Hit the Road
James William Hindle - Back Home Again
Isobel Campbell - The Beat Goes On
The Bricoleur - Prah Pip Ta
Sorrow - Long Dark Shadow
Teenage Fanclub - I Need Direction (Alternative Version)
Mary 5E - Therapy
Sundial - Crazy Horses

CD 4
Jeremy Reed - Helioqabalus
NQ Arbuckle - Huntsville Affair
Shannon Lyon - No Thing
The Hafler Trio - The Work Of Washing
Marissa Nadler - Judgement Day
Max Richter - Flowers For Yulia
Bill Fay - It’s The Small Things Now
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Song For Doctors Without Borders
Lynn Jackson - Waiting For The Sky To Fall
Nurse With Wound - Ubu Noir
Clodagh Simonds - The Glacial Lake
Shirley Collins - Come My Love
7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Pirates
John Terrill - Stoney Mansion
Brett Smiley - Our Lady Of The Barren Tree
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Current 93 - Sunset
Pearls Before Swine - Our Lady
Thurston Moore - Sex Addiction

CD 5
Marc Almond - Our Love My Love
Simon Finn - Crow Flies
Stephanie Volkmar - The Gate Of Polished Horn
Small Creatures - City of Dreams
Thee Majesty - Thee Seeding Ship
Jim O'Rourke - Naoru
Scott Stapleton - Shadow Makes A Snow Angel
John Maslen - Everything Was Handed Down
Jooel - Over The Sea
Ghostigital - Bump
Amy Curl - The Robin’s Tiny Throat
srmeixner - Wild Spaces (Excerpt)
Mount Vernon Arts Lab
Coil - Broccoli
Shock Headed Peters - Aaron’s Rod (Spared)
Ghost - Daggma

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