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20-11-2005, 16:26 | Roy L.

HR!SPQR Newsletter


Dear Friends and enemies,
We have a new section with pictures of HAURUCK! bands in our website...

Some news from HR!SPQR bands

"Mantra Voluntatis"
HR!SPQR VIII | CD | ltd. 1000 copies | January 2006
The long awaited new album of Ain Soph will be release as a solo project of the vocalist/guitarist Spectrae. One track feat. Albin Julius of  Der Blutharsch!!!

In studio for the new album (Spring 2006)
Some pictures of the last concert in London at Slimelight
MP3 live from different concerts:
Nessuna Remissione (live at La Notte HauRuck!, Vienna)
Bambolina (live at the Slimelight, London)

"The Teacher And The Man Of Lie" - 
CD | February/March 2006
An atmospheric glance at the Essene community of Qumran, when apocalypse was in the air and the Teacher of Righteousness and The Man of Lie each sought to bring mankind to salvation before the End Of Times. A follow up to the debut "From Irem To Summerisle", The Green Man offer an intricate concept album based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, weaving middle eastern imagery with western esoteric tradition.

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Aut Caesar! Aut Nihil!


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