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09-03-2005, 09:09 | Archivar

Vittoriale ohne DEATH IN JUNE

Soeben erhielt ich diese Email von Albin Julius, die ich ohne Kommentar hier publiziere.
Autor: Stephan Pockrandt

I got this information by HR!SPQR and will spread this information/update, without any comment - exept for those who bought tickets: the replacement band is one of my fav. bands in this genre, so - stay tuned!!!

It will be a unique night!!! We promise!!!



Today Douglas Pearce has made official a new Italian tour date for the
Death in June tour, that will take place at Pala Nord of Bologna, next 15th
of April.

Therefore the gig planned in Vittoriale on the following 30 of april loses
its exclusiviness as UNIQUE ITALIAN DATE for this tour.
Such a circumstance happens despite our will and springs out of a
regrettable misunderstanding with the Artist about the term "exclusive"
at the moment in which terms were arranged for the presence of DIJ at

In full respect of those who have already bought the ticket believing to
assist at an exclusive apperance in Italy and considering the special cultural value we intend to give to the Vittoriale gig, we have arrived to the painful decision TO CANCEL THE DEATH IN JUNE EXHIBITION.

We are from now on working with all our energies to engage one or more bands
who may perform with Varunna and Der Blutharsch of whom we confirm the acoustic exhibition. It is clearly in our intentions to mantain the spirit of the event as the highest and memorable as possible.
As soon as it will get definitive we will communicate the new line up
In consideration of the intervened changes we are ready to refund the cost
of the ticket to anyone who may make such a request within the 31st of

In order not to lose your acquired right of priority we suggest though to wait and see the new line-up , before sending eventual refund claims.
We are really sorry for wat has happened, bu we have chosen the solution in our opinion most frank and fair especially in Your respects.

Hau Ruck SPQR

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