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18-11-2004, 09:40 | Archivar

Robert Ward ist auch gestorben

Am 17 September schon starb der Musiker, Grafikkünstler und Redakteur des Magazins "The Fith Path" Robert Ward, vielen vielleicht auch im Zusammenhang mit Blood Axis o. ä. bekannt.

Robert Ward war ebenso aktiv für Vor Tru usw.
Autor: Axel

Quelle: Dominion Press Newsletter

ROBERT WARD (1968-2004)

This newsletter begins on a sad note, as we commemorate the life and work
of Robert Martin Ward, born 1968, who unexpectedly passed away on 17
September 2004.
We first encountered Robert's work in the very early 1990s, with the first issue of his magazine The Fifth Path. At the time there was
no other publication like it, although it would be often imitated in later
years. Robert covered interesting and cutting-edge music that was generally
ignored (and still is!) by the so-called alternative press.
Beyond this,
however, he included articles on spiritual traditions, speculative history,
and other unusual subjects to create a truly unique and inspiring magazine.
Its content was not determined by advertising, and often went against
prevailing status-quo ideas or political correctness.
Undergirding the entire equation was Robert's impressive talent as a graphic designer and artist.
After laying The Fifth Path to rest, Robert went on to design and
edit Vor Tru, a heathen-oriented magazine published by the Asatru Alliance.
Under Robert's influence, this publication was transformed from its rather
bland format into a dynamic and full-bodied magazine with national and
international distribution and a much wider and diverse readership.
his artistic and publishing skills, Robert was a diligent researcher with
an uncanny ability to uncover hidden connections between things. His strong
and curious intellect led him constantly to new discoveries as well as
rediscoveries of important lost or overlooked material. The world is a less
rich place without him.

Those who respected or were influenced by his work
are encouraged to raise a toast in his memory.

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