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20-05-2018, 18:21 | Michael We.

Im Juni Neues von ANTLERS MULM

Neues Album von ANTLERS MULM im Juni - und davor ein 3track-Teaser. Hier die aktuellen News von HANS JOHM:

a new AM album will be finished in june  - the work started august 2017 and now AM is about to record the last song.

but what we have here?  before the new album starts to find it's place outside there in the wild world AM opens the door slightly. 

"B GRADE OASIS" gathers 3 tracks. at first we have the title track - a stand alone instrumental, reminding us who has created the WF-series. the second track "Never Go By" will also appear on the album, of course in a different version. here you listen to the first version recorded by hans johm and Franz Schwarznau (guitar/bass guitar). a light and catchy song just right for summer. the third one  - "825" - is a compact preview of the new album and is exclusive to this single. the most of the songs of the upcoming album will have a drums set energetically played by A. Wahnmann (Fir§t Law/The Viral Dread) and so does "825".

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