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28-08-2015, 23:16 | Michael We.

Grafikdesigner DEHN SORA mit Album und Buch

Der französische Grafikdesigner DEHN SORA, der viele Werke der vergangenen Jahre mit seinem Artwork begleitet hat, bringt nun auf CYCLIC LAW eine eigene CD plus Buch heraus. Hier die Labelinfo:

DEHN SORA “The Sensation Of Being One Of Them” Book/CD (80th Cycle)

French graphic designer and musician Dehn Sora, (aka Treha Sektori), compiled over two years of his visual work taken from exhibitions, carefully selected works commissioned by various international musical acts and labels (Blut aus Nord, Church of Ra, Manes, Cyclic Law and more) and also presents us two full series of new artworks. The book is accompanied by a 25 minutes album of previously unreleased material specially created for this book release. Titled “The Sense of Dust and Sheer” and composed as a soundtrack to the books visuals, it is a collaboration between Dehn Sora’s own project, Treha Sektori, and the solo project of Swiss composer Sam Vaney, Muhd (of Cortez fame). A unique addition to this album is the rare presence of Kristoffer Rygg from Ulver, contributing his always poignant vocal skills to the whole, making this ep a very special piece in itself. Divided into four chapters, Dehn Sora exposes his chimerical visual obsessions through the hidden symbolism of animality and manifests sacred, unknown mythologies. Each pieces are accompanied by a written comment, complementing their deeper meaning.

Edition of 300 copies.

Book Format: 7x10". Spot UV lettering on Hardbound cover. 100 pages. Matte Finnish. CD: 1 Track. Running Time 25:00

First 50 copies comes with a heavy grey stamped casing, including 3x signed and hand Numbered A4 prints.
Available September 15 2015 through Cyclic Press, publishing division of Cyclic Law.

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