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03-04-2015, 18:58 | Michael We.

PAUL ROLAND mit Album im Sommer

In einem seiner persönlich gehaltenen Newsletter kündigt PAUL ROLAND an, dass er - bevor die Blätter wieder fallen - ein neues Album rausbringt. Vermutlich soll es also im Sommer erscheinen. Hier findet Ihr alle Infos dazu...


I trust you survived the ravages of a bitter winter and are now ready to venture above ground where flowers are bursting into bloom, young fauns are frolicking in the forest and tax collectors are rubbing their greasy palms with glee at the prospect of racking in your hard won earnings. Never fear, we have something that will hopefully put a spring back into your step, a smile on your face and chase those avaricious old buzzards back into their cheerless cellars where the sun never shines.
While the world slept through those dark winter months I kept myself busy toiling by the fitful light of an oil lamp in the recording studio to bring you a brand new album, one that I am unashamedly proud of and believe to be my finest so far. ‘Bitter and Twisted’ is now in the hands of the German label Sireena Records and should be released before the new leaves turn russet brown…I hope.
My resident expert in all things musical and technical – Joshua, the infant phenomenon – says little but when he opens his mouth it is usually to utter something profound. This month his verdict upon hearing the finished new opus was “it’s quite different” which satisfied me and I trust you will feel the same when you hear it. It was recorded with my new ‘band’ (I use that term loosely as we won’t be touring though I hope to be recording with them for some time to come). That’s Mick Crossley guitar and singer with cult psych outfit Flyte Reaction, Violet The Cannibal on drums and the diminutive but rock solid Josh Roland on bass. Three of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of playing with and whose contributions have ensured that this particular offering marks a significant development in my own humble art and that it was also a lot of fun to make.
Bates Motel Refurbished
In the meantime, you will hopefully be pleased to hear that the earlier albums that you might have had trouble finding are to be made available for download at Bandcamp. The first is up now and awaits your pleasure. All tracks can be sampled for free but if you pay for the download you help the artist to make more new music. And that makes him or her very happy, I can tell you.
The first album to be uploaded is ‘Bates Motel’ (the vinyl remix) which had been specially remixed for the Greek label Anazitisi and being a limited pressing of just 300 copies is now quite difficult to find, not to say play, if you don’t own a gramophone! So it seemed like the logical one to start with and with CDs going the way of the Dodo, downloads look like being the way most of us will acquire new music in the future – even music made by someone like me who is half expecting to end up behind a glass case like my late feathered friend.
Please visit Paul-Roland (dot) Bandcamp (dot) com and let us know how it sounds.
While the ravages of time might have weathered my facade, they have not prevented my puckish young spirit (!) from venturing out into the world once again to plight my trade. In May I shall be revisiting a city I enjoyed playing many, many years ago – Vienna. I have been invited to play a solo acoustic set at the Rhiz on Saturday May 15 (21:00) and will be joined on stage by the inimitable Frenk Lebel who will be playing guitar and singing with me, so it should be a very unique evening. For details visit rhiz dot org
I look forward to meeting you there and if not, power up your laptop or whatever you scribble upon and write to me on any topic of your choosing. I try to answer all emails, postings, tweets and love to hear that there is life beyond the high walls of Roland Towers.
Until then enjoy the sun while it lasts…

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