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07-10-2014, 16:53 | Michael We.

B'EE mit Soloalbum per Crowdfunding

B'EE von IN GOWAN RING wirbt per Crowdfunding für ein Soloalbum, welches er im Spätjahr 2014 / Frühjahr 2015 produzieren will. Hier die Infos aus dem heutigen Newsletter, Trailer siehe unten:

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

In these early days of autumn, when poetry it seems is written in the very air, I return to elaborate some peculiar subjects dear to me...  While mythic hermits may well straddle an endless parade of beginnings, and we too might wonder in awe, tea in hand, at these inscrutable ciphers scrawled in autumn air... yet, it is no time to shirk!

An Invitation: I hope that you will now feel fit to join me in Process as I solicit aid in realizing This Case of Intricate Speculations!

The Proposition of 'The Serpent & the Dove':

'The Serpent and the Dove' will be my first full length studio album of original music since Birch Book's 'A Hand Full of Days' (2010) as well as my first ever 'solo' studio album.

Herein lie stories in song, word, and sound pertaining to:

An alchemical dream laboratory,

A thick mask of leaves,

A creation myth whispered on wisps of wind involving a Cosmic Bowl of Tea,


willows, willows, willows...

I am working with Les Disques du 7ème Ciel towards a release date in late winter / early spring 2015.

In deference to you early advocates, these special editions are available only by pre-order through the linked Indiegogo fundraiser site (or by special arrangement) before Tuesday November 4th. [Standard vinyl and CD editions will be available at the time of release through Les Disques du 7ème Ciel.]

Besides the special editions, there are an assortment of uncommon opportunities & irregular objects on offer to garner means of unfolding for 'The Serpent and the Dove'. I am very grateful for your continued support and affection in Music, Magic and Love,


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