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26-01-2014, 19:03 | Michael We.

DESERTED VILLAGE aus Irland meldet sich zurück

DESERTED VILLAGE, das Label aus Irland, welches uns schon wunderbare Bands wie UNITED BIBLE STUDIES oder THINGUMA*JIGSAW gebracht hat, meldet sich nach längerer Stille zurück. Hier die aktuelle News mit einer neuen Band:


2014 sees us looking towards the future having done a lot of work archiving our past last year. We've now been spreading music online for 10 years and have seen many changes, from trading homeburned CDRs to the sublimation of download releases to the resurgence of tapes. So towards the end of last year we'd made our entire back catalogue available as downloads on our bandcamp page including 2 reissues of 3" CDRS by Weapons of Mass Destruction and Team Discovery Channel and the debut from the new acapellalyptic group Primal Barber Trio (Download/3" CDR)

The Primal Barber Trio "BARBERBarberbarber": 3" CDR in greeting card. Art by Stuart Geelon.
The Primal Barber Trio is a new all-acapella group of Stuart Geelon (Drainland, Luxury Mollusc), Aonghus McEvoy (Drainland, Woven Skull) and Gavin Prior. Their debut EP "BARBERBarberbarbr" is out now on Deserted Village'.The source material is live-in-studio vocal improvisations which have been layered and collaged together by Prior into a brain-bending voyage, like getting lost in a cave only to stumble upon a primitive proto-singing circle. The songs our ancestors sang in the dark before they harnessed fire.
Here's a video of the Primal Barber Trio live at the third and final Hunter's Moon Festival, Samhain, 2013.

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