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10-09-2013, 20:39 | Michael We.


Alles wird neu: SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG, das Label von HANS JOHM, welches wir viele Jahre begleitet haben, löst sich auf. ANTLERS MULM und andere Acts sind in Zukunft beheimatet bei SEA STATE. Lest selbst:

a last "hello!" to you, dear listener.

after 12 years SÜE/Sonderübertragung! is now a completed mission (or "terminated", if you feel better with).

thank you for your company and constantly interest!

we wave goodbye!

welcome (home) nomads, travellers and friendly flowers!

SEA STATE is our - and could be your - base for electronic music and sounds.

in the past we have called it the "sphere spine spectre" or "societé pour stabilité et permanence".

we are still the complicated spookies we were in our last incarnation (only to ease your mind).

we will release the records of some well known acts as Antlers Mulm, Sunday Strain and Llovespell.

but things are also different from the past.

we have decided to do something more serious, something that matters.

a step ahead in this direction is the donation of a part of the funds we get from selling SEA STATE releases to some well sorted organisations who try to make our little planet a better place.

may selfawareness, love and light take over.

new on SEA STATE in autumn 2013

Antlers Mulm/Sunday Strain “at KWF”
live at Kurt Weill Fest march 2013
mc + mp3

The Viral Dread (debut album)
Andreas Wahnmann of Fir§t Law
and Hans Johm of Antlers Mulm
diggin’ deep into dub
mc + mp3

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