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Michael We.

CURRENT 93: Aleph At Hallucinatory ...

... Mountain. TIBET goes DEEP PURPLE - ein erster Eindruck.

CURRENT 93: Aleph At Hallucinatory ...
Genre: Neofolk
Verlag: Coptic Cat
Mai 2009
Medium: CD
Preis: ~14,00 €
Kaufen bei: Amazon

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Line-up für "Aleph ...":
David Tibet: vocals, July or Gorgon guitars, mix
James Blackshaw: 12-string guitar, piano
William Breeze: electric viola, viola-controlled sampler
Ossian Brown: synthesizers, treated organ, electronics
John Contreras: cello, synthesizers
Baby Dee: piano, Hammond organ
Andria Degens: vocals
Sasha Grey: vocals
Andrew Liles: electronics, guitars, mix
Alex Neilson: drums, percussion
Rickie Lee Jones: vocals
Alice Rousham: vocals
Henry Rousham: vocals
Steven Stapleton: electronics, mix
Matt Sweeney: electric guitar, vocals
Andrew W.K.: bass, piano, vocals
Keith Wood: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass

Lyrics zu "On Docetic Mountain"

Adam eats and digs and Eve craves more truth
Snakes and graves and serpent and monuments
Of leaves and garden refuse
Spilling out like tigers at
Any chance of cloudburst

Aleph throttled the New Age
And the ponies and unicorns fell
And the crystals and Celestine skullfall
And the Bug Rides fell
And Easy Prophet sells tales
Of astral friendships in soaps and satans
But Aleph is Adam

Aleph and Adam stand on the Docetic
And the women’s faces are full of stars and
Into the words of the book
And the lips of the cup
And the trumpet and seals
And the candlesticks lighting
The Murderers to bed
And your bed with seas and fl owers
And the nylon lion on your rug
Roaring like a supermarket
On the rack on its back
I call the martyrs as witness

To this pisspoor mess
And the belief falling fl ylike
From the Mountains
In curtains of eyes
Sniffing like foxes at count
Singing humming
"Oh microwave oh Galaxy kill"
They have misled themselves
Cæsaring Christ
And no back and no face
Covered in useless snow

For Paise and Thekla
Under low volcanoes
Smothered by wheels
Drowning in silica
Your beheaded heads quoting Simeon or Jonah
And the stars rain down sparkling cold and
I remember you and pray for you
All of you who were/are/shall be
Murdered by Cæsars
As the nations gather and fade in
The Poor House ate great dead Hound
The centre: chisel of the Beast
Guests at their own farewell feast

Ashai came to me in a dream
And in the real swirl
The Scarlet Girl
Delivers pornography by the Queen
Onto my chest
I said "I am Aleph I am Adam
I am under attack since 8"

I saw the bells and the jars
And the pale drains
Empty wine
Useless in the Heathen Eden
How great was the jungle
Dogs clutch heads
Catch and call far bulls
Chattering like streams
Whilst the stopwatch shuts
And the moon hot-trot fox-trot the fade
Trapping fogs for dreams

Samaritan says: "Just One Word"
Aleph says:
"This is the bikini blast; the Easter Rabbit
The all conquers in the smallest paper
I saw the Ghost Train
Fake orgasms for the cliffs
Beached children from the so much
So much I wanted you near the cats"

The scrambled dust jitterbugs
Taking stock of its life

Michael We. für nonpop.de

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Der Nachfolger zu "Black Ships ...", der musikalisch nichts mit dem 'Erfolgsalbum' zu tun hat. TIBET steht wieder mehr im Zentrum, er rezitiert rund um eine Art Schöpfungsgeschichte. Dazu wird er häufig begleitet von Hard Rock-Gitarren Richtung DEEP PURPLE oder RAINBOW. Gewöhnungsbedürftig.

1. Invocation Of Almost (8:50)
2. Poppyskins (5:18)
3. On Docetic Mountain (8:12)
4. 26 April 2007 (5:13)
5. Aleph Is The Butterfly Net (5:52)
6. Not Because The Fox Barks (10:15)
7. UrShadow (4:38)
8. As Real As Rainbows (4:36)

~ 53 min.
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