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16-08-2009, 15:13 | Michael We.

Drittes BIRCH BOOK-Album erscheint

Neuigkeiten von IN GOWAN RING / BIRCH BOOK: Von BIRCH BOOK (dem Soloprojekt von IN GOWAN RING-Sänger BOBIN EIRTH) gibt es ein drittes Album, und IN GOWAN RING werden im September in Europa sein, suchen dafür allerdings noch einen Tourbus. Hier der Wortlaut des aktuellen Rundschreibens:

Ahoy Friends!

We are happy to announce the haphazard release of the third BIRCH BOOK album: "A Hand Full Of Days" released through LITTLE SOMEBODY RECORDS. They are at press at present and we are busily preparing the special editions… In hopes of procuring needed utilities dedicated to this September’s tour, we offer the standard letterpress and embroidered hardbound limited (50 copies) editions for your special order at this time here: http://www.ingowanring.com/BB3.html
The album of 14 songs features contrabass and electric bass guitar by PASCALE HUMBERT (WOVEN HAND, LILIUM) and pedal steel guitar & Hammond organ by RON WALKER along with the infamous confabulations and aural consummations you may or may not have come to expect from the faithfully wayward wanderer who panders his miscellanea under the appellations of BIRCH BOOK and IN GOWAN RING.
The limited (50 copies) hand embroidered hardbound edition features binding and marbled paper from Papyrus bindery, TAMIL NADU and was fabricated whilst on peripatetic sojourn there in 2007/2008. Also includes hand stamped materials and tea stained muslin bag along with an otherwise unobtainable live CDR recording of BIRCH BOOK while on tour with Woven Hand, December 2008. (Features DEAN THOMAS (A KNIFE THAT FELL FROM THE SKY) on electric guitar and ORDY GARRISON (WOVEN HAND) on drums.)
Orders are first-come, first-served (as marked by Paypal received time) and shipped out August 31st.
Expect more information in the next weeks regarding IN GOWAN RING European confirmed live dates for the month of September.  We are still looking to fill some dates in Germany 10th to 14th September -  in case you would like to put on a venue or house show please contact: lune@ingowanring.com
We also have need of a van (though we have a very nice, experienced fellow to drive it) if you know where we could borrow, inexpensively rent or buy one in Europe let us know…

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