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13-08-2009, 20:22 |


Beta-lactam Ring kündigen für die zweite Jahreshälfte einige Neuerscheinungen an. Aus den BLR-News:

"We are very pleased to announce Nadja "Under the Jaguar Sun" 2xCD ed. is now available in a smoking hot 10 panel custom designed case with full color printed innersleeves. It is a 2xCD to be played individually or play/mix the two cd's together to make a third Nadja album.

Coming soon:

*Nadja "Under the Jaguar Sun" DLP (the vinyl version is delayed until late Sept. as we are having pressing issues) 

*Christus & the Cosmonaughts "From Atop This Hill" LP (will be ready late Oct. due to pressing issues)

*Andrew Liles "Anal Aura Gram" LP with a bonus 7" with Steven Severin (Shipping end of August as TPs sounds great!)

*Kasumi Trio "Oh! Gimme You" CD (LSD March & tenniscoats new project) available end of August

*Philippe Petit "Henry: The Iron Man" CD available end of August

*Nurse With Wound "Space Music" CD/LP will be issued late Oct. 2009 as a gatefold CD and deluxe CD slip case editions and hyper deluxe gatefold LP edition. The packaging for this raises the bar once again after our "Zero Mix/Images" boxset last year

*Expo '70 "Sonic Messenger" CD/LP will appear in November with the CD packaged with a mini book of Justin's mind blowing artwork

*Troum "Eald-Ge-Streon" DLP (co release w/ Equation Records) is planned for November with mail order copies on colored vinyl

*Edward Ka-Spel/Silverman "The Thirty Year Itch" present the first ever split album to be issued by end of the year

*Nadja/Armchair Migraine Journey & Edward Ka-Spel/AMJ - two 10" albums limited to 200 copies in custom made sleeves with hand printed artwork, numbered and signed

Plus we are working on the project that will probably put someone in jail: Andrew Liles "Dreamy Gorgeous Monster" Book/CD". More albums in production right now to announce soon! Plenty of mp3 sound samples to check out."

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