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03-03-2009, 19:54 | Roy L.

Wien 1.998: Ein Sound, ausgegraben und konserviert

Gar nicht lang hat es gedauert: nachdem REUE UM REUE bereits im vorigen Jahr die NOVÝ SVET Doppel-LP "Todas Las Primeras Cosas" aus der Tape-Schatzkiste von JUNGES WIEN gezogen haben, befindet sich nun der legendäre Kassettensampler "Exposition" auf dem Weg zum Presswerk. Als Hommage an PRATELLA und RUSSOLO portraitiert  die Platte den neo-futuristischen Sound einer Stadt: Wien 1.998.
Zum harmonischen Ausgleich reicht das Label dazu die zweite Langspielplatte des bretonischen Drone-Projekts NATURE MORTE.

NATURE MORTE - "(nuées)"

rur011 | LP | grau-marmoriertes Vinyl
limitiert auf 222 handnummerierte Kopien
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Placenta Sadness (feat. Kenji Siratori)


Time to take another deep, deep breath and open your inner eye... You are standing on the cliffs at the end of the world, looking upon the abandoned ruins of a rainy and stormy aftermath. A bitter sense of loss and solitude washes over you, and yet you feel the comfort of some distant paradise lost. You see clouds drifting apart as cones of sunlight fall on the remains of what once was. You are in the world of (nuées), the second full-length album and first vinyl release of Brittany-based project NATURE MORTE: four long, highly emotional and hypnotic ambient pieces, which will leave you speechless as the reverberated strings, reeds and whispered voices immerge you into a pool of celestial sadness.

V/A - "Exposition"

rur012 | LP | schwarzes Vinyl
limitiert auf 266 handnummerierte Kopien
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Los Hermanos Zahrada - Sin Valor
Lacerba / M. Elange - Spina Dorsale
Es.Er / Novy Svet - Zenit 2
Es.Er - Agitateur Africain
Lacerba / Novy Svet - Machorka
Indra 1.996 - Operateur

J.W. / Lacerba / L.L.H. / Los Hermanos Zahrada / Novy Svet - Via Dolorosa
Indra 1.996 / J.W. - Munka, Munka, Munka
Novy Svet / Lacerba - Daes! (live)
Es.Er / M. Elange - Sulla Citta
J.W. - Mantra (improvisation)

Reue um Reue is proud to present a second release out of the Novy Svet/Junges Wien archives, this time a vinyl re-issue of the EXPOSITION sampler, which up to now was only available as the much thought-after, ultra-limited tape released on Junges Wien in 1998. As with “Primeras Cosas”, the tracks have been restored directly from the original. Some changes have been made in the track listing in order to fit the vinyl format and the LP has been given a completely new artwork. Conceived as a modern comment on the Futurist movement of the early twentieth century, this compilation gathers 7 Viennese projects delivering, alone or in cooperation, a total of 11 tracks in best tape-industrial fashion. Expect throbbing analogue synths, hypnotic tribal rhythms, tape manipulations and harsh, demented vocals.

Vorbestellungen wie immer an: info (at) tutrur.com

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