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18-02-2009, 20:28 | Roy L.

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CROSSOVER - "Space Death"

PUNCH 027 | CD
12,00 EUR | 16.03.2009


Black Mess
Lost Sheep
Computer Simulated Mountains
Hard Winter
The Weight
Jack Knife
Space Death
I Think I Wanna Kill Myself
Dark Blue
Caveman To Spaceman


Folklore devils, CROSSOVER, the creepy electronic band are back with their pariah mythos, descending upon us with their new full length 3rd album SPACE DEATH!
This album goes deeper into the world of CROSSOVER both lyrically and musically. One will sense they have been many moons since their last release. This time the sound and themes run darker and heavier in the instrumentation with hard-edged electronics.
The songs range from dusted out dance floor head bangers, screwed up electro punk madness, and even some future-now melancholy ballads. These songs make up their own pioneered sound which they call GLOOM - sick synths, nasty beats, and haunting melodies. These will be the soundtracks to your dreams and the anthems in your head during all of your waking hours.  Each song being quite different from the last yet, somehow relating to each other as if they are chapters in a book. It would seem that lyrically both RAT BOY & RAT GIRL have some things to get off their chests on this one. Their fans will be more than pleased to find that CROSSOVER stay true to their sound, vision, d.i.y. ethic, and underground spirit. The fans have been waiting for this! Not only will cult music collectors, art-rockers, and fashionistas be rabid for this release. Just like the other CROSSOVER albums previously on Gigolo Records, their music will reach many audiences.
CROSSOVER – SPACE DEATH is ready for the nightclubs, radio, and your headphones.

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