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28-01-2009, 08:15 | Antje M.M.

ORE: Onani - Ver÷ffentlichung verschoben

Die Veröffentlichung des neuen ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO-Albums "Onani- Practice Makes Perfect", die für den 30. 01. vorgesehen war, wird sich um vermutlich 14 Tage verschieben. Dazu CMI im aktuellen Newsletter:

Many are you who are waiting for the new Ordo CD. We are very sorry to say it's still being delayed from the factory. Here is the whole story: our usual CD-plant who is Sony DADC in Austria refused the production due to explicit sex for ethnical reason - as many may already know ORE sent out a request to their fans to participate in this new album with their private images of their own masturbation - these where sent as photos and movies to the band and from these these images the booklet and the content of the DVD has been made.
So! - we needed to find a CD-plant less focused on censorship - and we find one here in Sweden (of course!). During the time, Tomas of ORE, decided to add 8 private postcard to each box-set, something that not only prooven to be terrible expensive but also very timeconsuming - a never ending handpacking! So therefore, we at this point, don't really know exactly when we will get the boxes! Last week they mentioned a 2 weeks delay. I can assure you that as soon as we see some light in this erotic mess we will inform you in a newsletter, or on our site.
There might be more hot news regarding this album shortly aswell - stay alert! 

Eine Besprechung des Albums wird aber bereits in der kommenden Woche auf NONPOP zu lesen sein.

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