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11-11-2008, 11:05 | Michael We.

Drei neue Veröffentlichungen auf SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG

Hier der aktuelle Newsletter aus dem Hause SONDERÜBERTRAGUNG:

sue31 | v.a. "raketenmusik" | 2xmc | 120 copies | 14,-eur

all projects are from leipzig and have never released anything on SUE before.
from stellar dark spaces to electrok-tok-tok, then deep into folk poetry only
to face pure guitar wave in the endbeginningstartheart.
comes in a regular 2xmc plastic case.
if you want, you can get a support cd-r for this release (2,-eur).
the support disc is a high quality blank silver cd-r without (almost) any artwork and (definitely) no tracklist.
you can order the support-disc together with sue31 only.

sue34 | ANTLERS MULM "Weihnachtsfunk 1 & 2" | gold cd-r | 205 copies | re-release | 13,-eur

the disc contains the complete WF1 and all defensible tracks of WF2 (also from the bonus tape).
remastered by A. WAHNMANN. comes in the standard sand coloured fold-out cover. 77min.

sue34h | A.M. "sue11hangover" | gold cd-r | 55 copies | re-release | 11,-eur

the disc contains the now unloved or just misplaced tracks of WF2 - also remastered.
around 45 min.
you can order sue34h together with sue34 only.
you can order this item via sue only.

releasedate for all of them: november the 17th
reservation starts now.
shipping starts next week.

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